Google 線上教你 SEO 及搜尋技巧

歡迎大家揪團一起來上 Power Searching with Google,從七月十號到七月十九號六堂一小時的課程,我已經報名了,你呢?


除了線上的課程以外,還有兩個測驗,比較特別的是可以透過 Google+ Hangout跟大家一起互動練英文提出問題。完成了六堂課程後(不知道測驗會是怎樣?)還會收到 Google 的結業證書哦!有興趣的朋友快報名!

Thank you for registering for Power Searching with Google.

You will receive another email when the course officially launches on July 10. The schedule of classes is listed below. You can complete each one-hour class at any time after it is available; the assessments must be completed by the deadlines listed below.

  • Class 1 available: July 10
  • Class 2 available: July 11
  • Class 3 available: July 12
  • Hangout on Air (optional) with search experts: July 13 1:00-1:45pm PDT
  • Mid-class assessment due: July 17 at 7:59am PDT
  • Class 4 available: July 17
  • Class 5 available: July 18
  • Class 6 available: July 19
  • Hangout on Air (optional) with search experts: July 19 11:00-11:45am PDT
  • Final assessment due: July 23 at 4:59pm PDT

For an optimal learning experience, please plan to use the most recent version of your browser, as well as a desktop, laptop or a tablet computer instead of your mobile phone.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

The Power Searching at Google Course Staff

PS Encourage your friends to register, too!



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